Did you know that the ladies at Pat O'Brien's in New Orleans started the "dueling pianos" concept in 1937?  Yes!  The founders were female and bad to the bone.  All Pianobars stand on the shoulders of these grand women.

Since the days of the original divas at Pat O'Brien's, which is still going strong, Pianobars have evolved and branched out into the world.  Our sisterhood has multiplied globally!   We are the unique minority in a male-dominated industry.  You see, rock and roll came to the scene during those first years of the Pat O'Brien's diva teams. Subsequently, a group of very talented men and women started a club in 1986 called Dallas Alley Cats in Dallas, Texas.  The concept became a viral sensation that is still going strong and continues to grow.  
Over the years females have joined teams worldwide and bring an edge like no other.  Some of us also write and perform original music.  Some of us deftly work our own solo shows still using the "sing-along" concept as adapted from the dueling piano show model.  It works; and women work it.

We have been united during this age of information and social media connection.   We've shared stories, encouraged each other, learned from each other.  We unite in a unique sisterhood.  

We invite you to view our stories, bios, and contact info.  

Our roster is a continuous work in progress and we're constantly learning about new ladies. We intend to include all of you and want to know your stories. Please go to the ROSTER FORM page and fill out the info!

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Piano Ladies is led by:

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Who are we? 

A Piano Lady is a celebrated female pianist.  Mostly, we are ladies who sing, play piano and perform in pianobar venues worldwide.  

We are women of outstanding talent in the world of Pianobars, and by extension in performing arts.  We present mad piano skills and cover all genres of music at the request of fabulous crowds all over the globe.  


We are in the stages of building our base roster.  Beginners to retirees, we humbly and sincerely want you to join us.  Please FILL OUT THE FORM as we really want to include you in our sisterhood.  

Note:  Nothing you fill out will tie you to anything other than letting us know about you.  If you want to be included in our roster online, that's a decision you can make later.  We wanna connect first!


Mercedes LeCorgne: First Lady Dueler 1937 

Photo circa 1950.  Mercedes LeCorgne. The year, 1937.  Mercedes Paulson and Sue Wheeler first performed together at the dueling pianos (thought to be the first in the country). "Sue" was actually Sara Belle Wheeler, a native of Vicksburg who had been educated in New Orleans. She passed away on Saturday, March 10, 1956 at the age of 38 after having played at Pat O's for 19 years.

Mercedes LeCorgne Paulson, a native New Orleanian, died on Thursday, April 10, 1980 at the age of 74. Her booming baritone, which graced the main bar for 32 years, is still remembered by many. She retired from Pat O'Brien's in 1968.