Press Release -Piano Ladies Chicago Conference 2022

PIANO LADIES SUMMIT – A rare gathering of female entertainers delights piano bar patrons across Chicago 

August 2022 

An extremely rare gathering took place for the second time in history. A group of 50 women; 30 in person and 20 virtual, representing a group of close to 200 female entertainers, successfully and gleefully met for the second annual Piano Ladies Conference.  
This year’s gathering was held in Chicago, IL on August 7-10, 2022 (Photo 1).  Over 25 panel experts, Lady Legends (veterans with 15+ years in the entertainment business, predominantly piano bars) and attendees brought their talents to Chicago.   Attendees soaked up information from workshops and presentations pertaining to a successful career as an international piano bar entertainer. This conference is unique because a good portion of the programming pertains to the particular experience of being a female in this male-dominated niche of the entertainment industry. 

Daily, the conference was held at Davenport’s in Wicker Park, covering topics such as vocal health, mental health and how to survive the road.  International booking agents and expert panel leaders also brought their expertise to share. 

Nightly, the group descended upon several popular piano venues in the Windy City, including the iconic Redhead Piano Bar and Howl at the Moon, both downtown, as well as Tack Room in Pilsen neighborhood and Slugger’s World Class Sports Bar & Dueling Pianos famously located across from historic Wrigley Field in Wrigleyville neighborhood.  These wildly talented women infused these rooms with effervescent energy, giving back to Chicago as a gift for hosting them (Photo 2)

Piano Ladies are all leaders in their respective markets spread across the North American continent.  These leaders get together annually to share their experiences and expertise to further all women in the Entertainment Industry. 
The eldest member, The Amazing Henrietta from New Orleans, LA (Henrietta Alves, 78), brought her grace and wisdom as well as talent to share as a Lady Legend (Photo 3).  

Piano Ladies (, a group of independent women piano bar entertainers, has left the city of Chicago while also leaving their mark.  These attendees represent a larger group of almost 200 women female piano entertainers from across North America. 

Piano Ladies is led by Susan Erwin Prowse (Big Red Dog Productions), Desiree Irwin (Twinray Music, Inc., Howl at the Moon at Sea) & Jen Porter (JJP Productions). 
This year’s event is complete. Piano Ladies Summit 2023 dates and location to be announced in early September 2022.


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