The intent of this page and form is to fill in our roster with current and past female piano bar entertainers.  Many of you are already informed about this form and site and will be directed here to fill it out by a fellow member.  

Whether you are new to piano bars or are already working in these venues, PLEASE JOIN US!  
Egos are checked at the door.  
We are here to share, lift up our history and accomplishments and join together in what we know is a very unique sisterhood.  There are no dues, no requirements and no expectations other than friendship and love in here!

The first retreat was held in Colorado in 2018, then in Las Vegas in 2019 and now we're coming to CHICAGO, AUGUST 7-10, 2022!

Fill out the form below and one of us administering this site will be in contact.

NOTHING YOU PROVIDE IN THIS FORM BELOW IS POSTED ONLINE OR SHARED PUBLICLY WITHOUT YOUR REVIEW AND APPROVAL.  You can remain a silent member or decide to be listed publicly on our site.  You can decide.... just fill out the form and lets go from there.